Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Need to Free Innocent People on Death Row

Because of the expensive and really smart lawyers, many innocent people on

death row are being killed therefore, the innocent should be represented by

More experienced and highly trained lawyers. There are too many innocent

People on death row.48% of Americans prefer death penalty and 44% of

Americans prefer life without parole two most common reasons for

Convictions of innocent people on death row cases have been mistaken by

Eyewitness testimony and jailhouse snitches. “Improvements in the death

Penalty system have gathered increased support among legislators and the

Public”. “Race and class remain critical factors in the decision of who lives

and who dies”. Poor people can’t afford a good lawyer because they are too

busy with too many things and they are going too fast unlike the rich people

That can afford a good lawyer who gets the job done. “The primary reason

For this economic disparity is that the poor are systematically denied access

To well-trained and adequately funded lawyers”. Defendants are provided

With poorly trained and under funded court-appointed lawyers who represent

Those death sentenced prisoners. Some defendants in capital cases have been

Represented by attorneys who were drunk or intoxicated during the trail.

Sentencing criminals to more years in prison rather than death row is better.

Don’t put people on death row unless you know they are guilty.

DNA testing continues to be carried out, leading the release of innocent

People on death row proving that the criminal-justice system makes

Mistakes. Once people learn that the innocent and non-innocent can be

Served with justice without death row there more inclined to believe justice

System would still function without death row. For the past years, public

Opposition to the death penalty has been forced on the risk of executing

Innocent and the escapes of death row convicts who had a good fortune to

Have their innocent vindicated before a death sentence could be carried out.

What do we think is right? How do we fix this problem? What can we do to

Help out? We all make our mistakes in life but we learn from them. There

Are too many innocent people on death row. Nationally 48% of Americans

Favor the death penalty and 44% prefer life without parole, the death penalty

Just continues the cycle of violence and creates more murder victim family

Members. Two of the most common reasons for convictions of innocent

People on death row cases have been mistaken by eyewitness testimony and

Also jailhouse snitches, “Who are routinely given deals by prosecutors in

Return for unsubstantiated stories”. “Improvements in the death penalty

System have gathered increased support among legislators and the public”,

Reforms in Illinois passed a unanimous vote of the legislator and also public-

Opinion polling in 2003 suggests a softening of the public attitudes on death

Penalty in Illinois with 55% of the state residents who support death penalty

Race and class remain critical factors in the decision of who lives and who

Dies, both race and poverty corrupts the administration of the death penalty

And also race severely disadvantages the black jurors, black defendants, and

Black victims within capital-punishment system. Family members and

Innocent death row mates should have the right to prove themselves before

Any executions are made. In life, mistakes happen sometimes, were never

Perfect, but we have to make the right choices. Poor people can’t afford a

Good lawyer because they are too busy with too many things and they are

Going too fast unlike the rich people that can afford a good lawyer who gets

The job done. “The primary reason for this economic disparity is that the

Poor are systematically denied access to well trained and adequately funded

Lawyers”, poor people are getting represented by attorneys that are being

Paid as little as $5 an hour unfortunately the justice system goes by you get

What you can only afford. Defendants are provided with poorly trained and

Underfunded court-appointed lawyers who represent that death sentenced

Prisoners; lawyers are sleeping in trials and not paying attention during the

Trails. Some defendants in capital cases have been represented by attorneys

Who were drunk or intoxicated during the trial, loved ones and friends and

Also fathers and mothers are being sentenced to death because of the

Inexperienced and underpaid attorneys. Defendants are saying give them a

Chance to prove there selves’ innocents before being put to death. It’s very

Sad to see a best friend or and a loved one executed for a crime they didn’t

Commit. I feel, attorneys and lawyers should represent the poor or the rich,

the same way they would want to be represented. Sentencing criminals to

More years in prison rather than death row is better. Don’t put people on

death row unless you know they are guilty. DNA testing continues to be

carried out which is leading to the release of innocent people on death row

proving that the criminal-justice system makes mistakes, states have begun

To evaluate their own death penalty system this is good because it shows

That they are innocent people. Once people learn that the innocent and non-

Innocent can be served without death row there more inclined to believe

Justice system would still function without death row, innocent death row

Mates are spending up to 25 to 30 years rather than being executed and the

Non-innocent get released. For the past years, public opposition to the death

Penalty has been focused on the risk of executing innocent and the escapes

Of death row convicts who had a good fortune to have their innocent

Vindicated before a death sentence could be carried out, “In the years of

2002 and 2003 Governor Geoge Ryan imposed a moratorium on executions

And created a special commission to recommend improvements in the

Administration of the death penalty”. People are saying give innocent and or

Non-innocent years in prison rather than execute them. In life, people get

Convicted of things they didn’t do, but if you know you didn’t commit a

Crime then you shouldn’t feel guilty at all inside. But if you’re guilty just

Admit it and get it over with because the longer you wait the worse it will be.

People like you and me have our different opinions in which people should

Get life in prison or a death sentence. We can fix this by not voting for the

Death penalty and proving that there is a second chance in life. We can help

out as people by teaching kids right and wrong before they reach adult hood

And keep them off the streets and in school doing positive things in life. We

All make mistakes in life and we learn from them and sometimes we don’t

But either way it goes its life and we all have to deal with it.


I think this is a pretty nice relaxing class and writing for ten minutes everyday has gotten me into writing more even tho I love writing anyway its good to express all in writing and I don't ever think there is no limit to writing  it can go on forever and ever its like taking a journey or adventure but its in writing if that makes any sense and to me it does. Some people can become famous for writing's and get paid from blogger and there have been many people that made large profits from sharing there thoughts and there is also fame that comes with it weather its advertised for you or word of mouth the more people see it and the more you write the more encouraged you will be. If there is encouragement in your writing then it makes you wanna do more and be more creative but if there is not then no one would wanna do anything or at lease not as much. I have been told many of times that my writing is awesome and that I have a good sense of humor when I write and I keep it real one hundred percent of the time I mean I might joke and all because its good to get a laugh out of someone every now and then but I talk about what people wanna hear. This have have been my weight training as in writing of course because when you write as much then you get use to it and then it becomes fun the more you do it.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


My worst experience at a restaurant was about 2 years ago I remember I was at a pizza place and some people got into an argument and they were fighting next thing you know some people start coming in there with pistols and more people and they shot this guy and robbed the place but I was calm and relaxed because that's Chicago were use to that kinda stuff but it was super crazy tho some people ran and some people just kept eating like if nothing ever happened and when the cops showed up nobody told them anything and the reason for that is because if you tell on somebody which they call it snitching but if you tell then whoever gets caught will come back for you and plus in Chicago the cops are not solutions they handle their own problems weather its killing someone or just fighting them or even sometimes walking away depending on what the situation is. By the way they had some great pizza and it was really popular and not saying the restaurant because two reasons I don't want everybody knowing about where I get my best pizza for me only lol and the other reason is because of the story I told.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Science Fiction

                                                            Science Fiction
If the world was to end 100 years from now I would not be too worried because I’m pretty sure
most of us as people would be long gone away and if not we would be super old people in a
nursing home with no one to visit us very lonely with nasty hospital food and sitting in front of
the TV for 12 hours a day would be horrible so why I’m young I think I should have as much fun
as I can while I’m young and the older people always say enjoy your life at a young age don’t
want to be grown so fast and it didn’t make any since to me but now I see why they say that
because when your older it gets more serious and especially when you have kids it starts to
change and now they have the spot light. Love, hated, happy, and sad. I have experienced all in
my life. I have had my ups and downs in life and no matter what I keep my head up and stay
strong. It takes love, encouragement, trust, hope, and faith to make it in life. I’ll take you
through my Philosophy Of Life by revealing my personal values, imperative life figures, major
prides; common felt emotions, goals and dreams. Four values that are most important to me
are my grades, church, family, and my teachers. My grades have influenced me by making me
work harder and getting me where I have to go later on in life.  My grades has also influenced
me by knowing the A’s and B’s will get me in a good college and graduate with all my credits.
Every since I have been getting good grades I have a positive attitude. When my grades are low
I feel sad and angry. I have had some good grades and bad grades in my two years of high
school so far. I’m thankful for every class I pass and every class I don’t pass I still try my best and
never give up. Church influences me every time I go there. When I’m at church there are lots of
people that encourages me and smiles at me and also give me love. I go to church to find love,
peace, and happiness. Church is a place where I go every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. It seems
to me like I can be the angriest person in the world but when I go to church I leave happy and full of joy so that makes church a really important value to me. My family influences me by
loving me, taking me places, giving me allowance and trusting me. My family is there for me for
the good and the bad times in my life and that shows me that they care. It changes my behavior
big time by not getting angry so much and so fast. When I’m with my family my attitude is
positive and I stay out of trouble because I have some people in my family that look up to me. 
My teachers influence me by helping me in my time of need for my school homework and my
worksheets. One of my teachers told me that I could become whatever I want or do whatever I
want in life. When I’m in class with my favorite teachers I have a nice and cool personality
because of their support. Four influential in my life are my mother, pastor, grandmother, and
my father. My mom influences me every day of my life. My mom makes sure I have a roof over
my head, a place to sleep, and food to eat. My mother takes time out of her busy schedule and
spends time with me by taking me to the YMCA and to school when I miss the bus. She raised
me to be a nice and respectful child. My behavior can be good and bad at times with my mom
when she says “no” and “yes” to things but I still love her because she’s my mom. My Pastor
influences me by taking me on fieldtrips and is a mentor in my life. I have the greatest Pastor
ever. He teaches me right from wrong and shows me the good way of having good things in life.
He supports me in school, church, and my attitude. I always have a positive attitude with my
Pastor because he treats me with so much love and respect and I feel good about that. My
grandmother influences every time we call each other. She spends lots of time on the phone
with me and lets me know how proud she is for respecting my mother and getting good grades
in school. I feel happy every time I hear my grandmother’s voice because it lets me know that
she’s all right. My dad influence every time I go to visit him in Chicago. My dad lives in Chicago
and when I visit him he picks me up and takes me out to eat, to the mall, and to the store to get
me clothes, shoes, and supplies. I feel god knowing that my dad is still alive and that he loves
me and when I’m spending time with him I am happy because I don’t see him that much. Four
major accomplishments and things that I’m proud of are my trophies, permit, aviation, and my
jobs. My trophies felt like an honor to me because I’ve worked so hard for it and I deserved it.
When I was on the football team I ran the ball and scored lots of touchdowns, which allowed
me to achieve the trophies. Winning a trophy is like being on top of the world your whole
personality changes to becoming a superstar and you feel good inside. On the day I got my
permit I felt so happy and I could barely even go to sleep that night because of it. I took the
permit test three times and I passed on my fourth. I was surprised when I first started driving.
When I got back to school and church I showed my friends my permit and they told me I did a
good job and I felt good about myself. Aviation was so fun I enjoyed it to the fullest. I felt good
about aviation flying planes are like the best experience for anyone who never flown before.
Throughout my aviation years I have flew Cessna’s and glider planes. I’ve have gotten so far 500
hours of flying time through my four years of aviation. I met the Mayor of Minnesota and Norm
Coleman and that made me feel special. I’m really proud of myself for working summer jobs
and earning school credits. Every summer I work for a company called Tree Trust and I do all
kinds of work there. My first year with Tree Trust I worked doing landscaping and I built timber
staircases and make a 30 feet long bridge. I’ve earned two credits that year. My second year I
worked in a library stocking books and helping kids. I have learned a lot about the library
working there in the summer and I’ve earned two credits there. I feel really good about the four
credits I’ve earned over the four years. Four most common emotions I feel in my life are love,
happiness, anger, and sadness. I feel love from my family, friends, and church.  I feel loved
when my family celebrates with me on my birthdays and buys me gifts on Christmas. The most
love I feel is when my mother and father tell me they love me it means a lot to me. My friends
show me love when they hangout with me and buys me things and encourages me. Friends are
suppose to be there for you and stand by your side and let you know everything’s going to be
alright and some of my friends show that love. I feel much love from my church when I’m there.
I feel loved in my church because my Pastor and members of the church pray for me and at
church I have mentors that I look up to. I feel happiness when I get my way with things because
it makes me feel good. Happiness is something that makes me have a positive attitude and that
keeps my smiling and out of trouble. Anger is something I feel when things don’t go my way I
get very upset and my attitude stinks.  I feel angry when someone disrespects me and call me
names to be honest I have anger problems but it’s life and I learn how to get over things.
Sadness to me is being depressed and lonely and having no one to talk to. I feel sadness when I
treat people my best with the up most respect and they treat me wrong. I also feel sadness
when someone dies and there’s a divorce in the family and also when I’m treated poorly. When
my grades are low and things seem to be going wrong I feel really sad and that makes me
become a bad person because my personality changes from being nice and happy to becoming
mean and harmful. Two of my short term goals are to finish up the second trimester with good
grades and get my driver’s license. Two long term goals are to graduate from high school and
move to California and make more friends. My second trimester has started out pretty good so
far I stared with all A’s. Starting with all A’s doesn’t mean you get to actually keep them it
means you have to work hard to keep them. My first trimester went good I done all my work
and I worked so hard and never got any late assignments. My goal is to pass all my classes. I’ve
wanted my driver’s license for going on 8 months now and I’ve had my permit since nine
months. I drive good and park excellent and never get any tickets and never go over the speed
limit. My goals is to get my driver’s license and drive to school and work. Graduating and
moving to California and attending a college there has been my dream every since I visited
California. California is the home of Dreams, fantasies, celebrities, and money. I love the
lifestyle there and my goal is to move there and have the fun of my life. Making more friends
has always been a goal for me because making and having friends are exciting and fun. I have
on my MySpace 6,400 friends and my goal is to make as many as I can in my life. The more
friends the more popular and the more people love me. If you have nothing else in your life
make sure you have friends because no one wants’ to be alone in this life they want to meet
new people and go new places and see new things so make millions of friends.  Make sure you
try your best and never give up in life no matter what. I’ve learned in life you and I could be
anything we want to be if we put our minds to it and be successful. Whatever your going
through in this life just remember you’re not alone and I’ve had so many problems in my life
and I was able to make it through my problems so If little ole me can do it anyone else in this
world can. Thanks for letting me share some of my life and experiences with you I hope you
enjoyed and learned from it because it means a lot to a person when they can share their life
and problems with you especially when they have been through a lot and its good for people to
express their feeling because if they hold it in then they will explode one day and they would
have an excuse as to no one ever listened to them or pay them any attention I think I would be
a very good psychologist because I communicate well with people and I can relate to them a lot
and I have a gift when it comes to encouraging people I make people laugh and make their day
better because I was taught to always encourage people no matter what and not because you
want someone to encourage you which would be awesome but encouraging not for a front but
because you know its right to do in your heart just imagine if all of those out there that have
such big dreams all they need is someone that can encourage them and tell them that there
going to be somebody that makes it  to the top and let them know there are someone special
do you know how that would change a lot of people’s lives. Every day I find something nice to
say about someone weather it’s their clothes, hair, personality or whatever it is I find

something nice to say because in church they taught me a good lesson so I gave blessings to
others and going to continue to do good as long as I’m living I will continue to help people out
the best way I can and for that I would be remembered by a good impression. Another thing I
want to touch on is relationships because a lot of people are boyfriend and girlfriend but now
days seems like it’s all about having intercourse that’s the appropriate word for it but yeah
mostly guys in the relationship that’s all they want and I think that’s really sad because its more
to life than just intercourse and after they have it with a girl then they feel the need to now
want to have anything to do with them after the fact which is so wrong and so I try to tell girls
to value themselves and let them know that their better than that and they shouldn’t be
treated that at all and they say im the sweetest guy ever but I just like to keep it real and us
guys don’t know girls go through a lot of things in life and they have it harder than us guys so
that was something that needed to be said because I keep it real.


If I was to open my own restaurant I would have Pizza, French fries, cool aid, chicken and ice cream and a variety of stuff that's very common and some that's very unoriginal so that's people can have their choice and also at the same time try something completely new and I guarantee you that they will be amazed. I would name the place "Ghetto Foods" lol a name that's an attention getter cause I'm from the hood anyway I'm from south side of Chicago so I'm pretty sure you can put the pieces together. I would start off in California and then expand it to all over the United States and the reason why I would start off in California because that's the land of opportunity and success. I would not have like expensive cost to my customers because I want them to come anytime they fill and enjoy not having to pay a lot of money to have a good time. I would also make my restaurant cool by making designs and cool neon colors to it.

Monday, April 4, 2011


It looks like a good piece of art work and I really like it to whom ever drew this they had good thought I like to encourage people and let them know what a good job they have done. In the picture the guy looks angry like he is taking his frustrations out because there is something under his carpet moving fast and its a pretty good decent size I'm not sure if its a pet or an unfamiliar creature but its something I wouldn't want running under my feet lol I would probably go really crazy. Looks like an older drawing tho like its a really long time ago and I love that its in black and white because I know that color is really cool but sometimes black and white brings more interest depending on what it is like say for instance if it was a black and white that had a good meaning or background to it but color can be any really because its fun and color brings more life to the pictures.

Here is the picture

Friday, April 1, 2011


Behind her the noise escalated it was a crowed of 2,000 people and they were all screaming and crying going insane when there favorite artist came out on the stage I got to see like 10 celebrities and met like 3 of them it was super cool they were really nice relaxing people even when security said step back they told me to come here and shake my hands and talk to me for a couple minutes that made my night and after the music awards we went clubbing and then to a after party and after the after party went to a sleep over.